Sunday, April 29, 2012

Harper Lee is 1 year old!!


Our little Harper turned 1 on Friday, April 27th. She's such a cutie pie and so much fun. She currently has only her two bottom teeth, still has yet to say a real word, is crawling all over the place and loves to go up the stairs so she can get into her brothers' room where all the fun (and dangerous) stuff is located, puts anything and everything in her mouth that she can and her family can't get enough of her. She has become particularly fond of Sammie over the past month which is almost a mutual feeling as Sammie's favorite time is when she gets out of her chair after a meal so Sammie can "help clean up." What a good dog! Here are some fun pictures:

She loved the chocolate cake! The plate was clean! And Sammie was a big helper with all the mess
But this is how she really started off her birthday festivities

She loves being outside. Especially with Mom. Dad would just as soon snuggle with her all day long!

She had a fun time at Easter.

She loves the swing and slides. Especially when her brothers are with her!

Just a few samples of items that went in (and out) of her little mouth. What a rascal!

She enjoyed chilling with her friend Maud

We just love our Harper Lee!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lots of fun pictures

THis was a post that I thought went out a while ago but seems like it didn't. If not, then here it is. Enjoy.

Here are a few pictures of our life over the last 6 months. Some day we'll start doing this more frequently ... don't hold your breath!

A Few choice videos

Turns out these are just still frames from the videos I tried to add.

Follow this link to see the videos. They're great!

Late night dancing.

First time ice-skating.

Sliding down the grassy slope.  It works much better when the grass is green and not wet.

Happy Harper

Harper "One-upping" Gary

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Seasons of 2011 - Part 2

Summer still...
Harper enjoying the water ;)

First day of school.  Gary starting second.  Bram in preschool.

squeezing in a few more days of swimming before the pool closes for the season

Spokane, WA.  Need I say more?

Gary done wakeboarding after successfully doing a double backflip twist.

Fall brought us...

Larry and Billy catching a BYU game in Mississippi.

Gary played soccer this fall.

Preparing for Halloween.

Both boys contributed to my Scary Face.

First lost tooth.

Halloween Trunk or Treat.  Harper is loving being a beautiful butterfly.

Jumping in the leaves.  There was even enough for the boys to dive in.

Winter once again...

Visits with Santa 
One festive dog.  (She loved the attention she got while taking this photo.)

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Enter Harper Lee ... to dominate our lives

Harper Lee
April 27
7lbs 2oz
20 inches

Getting ready to come out.

love this pic with the boys hands on Harper.  They couldn't get enough of her.

My sleepy baby girl.  

Blessing Day.  Grateful to have so much family come out.

She loves to play with her tongue.

Flying high.

Harpers first few months were spent at the pool.
Brother can't get enough of her.

Mom and me...

keeping warm while the rest of the crew are iceskating.

Happy as can be.

Santa Baby!
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